Birth Chart: Joseph Stalin

The following is a curiosity I’ve got for understanding the personalities, life paths, and psychologies of people. I’ve always enjoyed dabbling a bit in some of the metaphysical sciences and wanted to see if I could accurately depict some personalities to which I’ve been fascinated with for some time.

Interestingly enough, there are some congruencies with recorded history.

The following was taken from Astrodienst, and all interpretations have been provided by Robert Hand, unless marked otherwise. Houses have been adjusted to sidereal (Vedic) degrees rather than tropical (based on the position of the Sun, “Western” astrology) to reflect the actual position of the stars. After adjusting ascendant (-25 degrees), subject would have the following:

Ascendant = 0 Scorpio
Sun = 1 Sagittarius
Moon = 13 Virgo

Personal notes are marked with double asterisks (**) followed by italicised text. Chart reflects only natal qualities and does not indicate time of progressions or planetary transits. This reading has been done for fun and is not meant to be taken seriously. Hope you enjoy the reading!


  • Mars in Scorpio   You have a strong will, and you let everyone know what you want. But you do not seem especially pushy, just persistent. If someone makes you angry, instead of blowing up right off, you go into a slow burn. People know you are upset, however, because you are likely to make sarcastic and biting remarks.But also the intensity of your anger, even though it is held in, may be rather frightening to others whose emotions are not as strong as yours. If necessary, you are a fighter, although you don’t look for fights. But when you get into it, you fight with body and soul. You relate to the world around you very emotionally, and there is very little to which you do not react. 
  • Mars Conjunct Ascendant   You are strong-willed, and people quickly realize that you are not someone to trifle with. You have all the classic qualities of Mars -self-reliance, courage and daring, personal aggressiveness and independence.You are at your best working by yourself. Usually you are willing to take responsibility for what you do, and you are dependable. Your strong sense of personal integrity and pride makes you somewhat sensitive to comments by others that seem to indicate that they do not take you very seriously. You are very competitive in every area of life. Your aggressive energies have caused you, even while young, to dislike anything that seems soft and weak. You want to become independent at an early age. You don’t like to think that you need anybody, although you can certainly be affectionate in your own way.

    **Ascendant = face, birth conditions. Mars = fire, inflammation. Explains scarring on face, for which he was teased greatly as a child.

  • Mars Opposition Pluto  You sometime find it difficult to get along with others. You may feel picked on, as if people were working against you for no particular reason. However, that is not usually true. But without being aware of it, you may be doing things that set others against you. You are very intense about yourself, and you may give the impression unknowingly that you will do whatever you want and that nothing and no one will stand in your way. This can scare people, even when you have no intention of doing so. As you get older, you will become very ambitious, and you must make a great effort not to become ruthless. Always maintain high ethical standards, for otherwise you could create powerful enemies who will frustrate your plans, no matter how good your intentions are.

    **Mars = willpower, anger, action. 1st house = personal actions and life outlook. Pluto = transformation, death. 7th house = relationships to others. Explains the era of the Great Purge

  • Mars Square Uranus  The lesson you must learn is to act more cautiously with better planning. You tend to go off half-cocked and to act rashly and without thinking. You feel that you have to be yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you always react negatively to pressures from others, you will be as much at their mercy as if you always did what they wanted you to do. You have a great need for excitement and are quickly bored by activities that become routine. You will fight when you have to, and even sometimes just for the love of it. You don’t have to be what others want you to be; there is plenty of room for rebels in this society.
  • Mars Trine Saturn   A reserved and controlled person, you want to understand any situation thoroughly before making up your mind. And you want your work to have practical results. You will develop a sense of discipline while you are still quite young, and in many ways you seem to be motivated by adult concerns. You do not seek power so much as the opportunity to do an excellent job. Do not let your sense of caution cause you to turn down valuable opportunities. You prefer not to take chances, but sometimes in life you have to take some risks. You are very good at work that requires meticulous attention to detail.

    **Molotov-Ribbonthrop Pact, which caused him to lose valuable time to prepare against Operation Barbarossa.

  • Sun in the First House  1st hs You have a strong personality that immediately makes an impression on other people. You are very strong willed and energetic. The problem with this is that you may not let the people around you be themselves. Nevertheless, they have the right to assert themselves, and you should give them the chance. You are physically strong and should enjoy good health. If you can learn to accept your limitations and control your energy properly, you will be able to do a great deal.
  • Sun Square Saturn   This aspect can be difficult to deal with. You may feel that the world is always working against you, preventing you from doing what you would like to do. You have particular trouble with authority figures. Some people in your life may be hard on you, but your real problem is that you are hard on yourself. You have a strong sense of discipline, and you consider reality very important. You have very high standards of achievement and perfection, which you want others to live up to as well as yourself. Even if you never achieve your goal, you will have gone farther than most. Look at what you have accomplished rather than what you haven’t.
  • Sun Trine Uranus  You are fond of anything new and want to live just the way you want, with plenty of excitement and interest. You want your life to be filled with change. The idea of spending a lifetime in one place doing one thing is very unpleasant, and you will do everything you can to prevent it. You will always be tolerant of persons who are quite different from yourself; in fact, you may even be attracted to them because of that. You want to see as many different aspects of life as possible.
  • Mercury in the Second House  2nd hs Whenever you have money, you plan what you are going to do with it very carefully. You handle money well and get the most out of whatever you have. You like to learn because you value ideas highly, especially ideas that have some practical use. In later life, you may earn your money through writing, radio or television work, teaching, traveling, or some other field of transportation or communication. You will make money by using your wits, which usually requires special knowledge or training. Experience on the job will be very important, too, since this placement indicates that you will learn to be clever in your work through personal experience. 
  • Mercury Trine Midheaven   Very early in your life you will begin to think about what you want to do when you are older. To this end you will work to develop the talents that will help you get ahead. You believe you can learn from the people who are above you, so that one day you can be in their position. This makes you a hardworking person who tries to master all the skills you study. Later in your life you may work in some area of communications, science, education or another field that requires mental skill and the ability to communicate clearly.
  • Mercury Trine Uranus   This is a very creative aspect. It indicates that you have a quick mind and can understand ideas that others can’t, because you are open to new ways of thinking. You also have intuition, that is, the ability to come to understandings seemingly from nowhere. While you are young, this may startle people, and at first you may find it hard to defend your insights. But as you get older, you will learn how to show people that your insights are true.

    **Greatly strengthened his leadership skills and political ability.

  • Jupiter Square Neptune   On the negative side, this aspect may indicate that you are very dreamy, living in a fantasy world that has little relationship to reality. Sometimes you may set your ideals too high or have grossly inflated expectations in some situation. Of course you will be disappointed, and then you will become disillusioned and see nothing good in the world. The positive side of this aspect is that if you are reasonably in tune with reality, you will take risks that may have quite magnificent results. You refuse to let fear of losing keep you from trying out new things, so your life may be richer than the lives of those who are more cautious.
  • Saturn in the Fourth House  4th hs You need more warmth and support from your parents than most people, and often you may not feel that you are getting it. Your parents may seem too strict, too conservative and cautious, or they may impose too much responsibility on you. Whether or not this is true, you will see it that way. Often this placement of Saturn makes you feel that the people who are closest to you do not give you enough emotional support. Believing this, you may feel empty inside and lacking in self-confidence. An important lesson in life is to learn that you are as good as everyone else and as worthy of love as anyone. It is important to realize that your parents may be warm and loving people, but that for some reason you are just not tuned into receiving their affection. However, if your parents really are not supportive, you should find someone outside your family, a teacher or older friend, for example, who will provide reinforcement.

    **Saturn = harshness, severity, austerity. 4th house = parents (especially mother), childhood upbringing, emotions, raising children. Father was abusive to Stalin and drank heavily. Mother wanted him to go to a seminary school and was deeply astute and religious. Explains his treatment of his son, Yakov.

  • Venus Square Saturn   This aspect is often difficult to handle in that the demands of the world always seem to get in the way of having fun and receiving love and affection from others. You often feel that persons or circumstances are forcing you to do things that you do not want to do. Sometimes this aspect means that you feel lonely, usually because you believe you are not worthy of love. That is not true, but once this idea is fixed in your mind, it is difficult for anyone to talk you out of it. You may suffer from extreme shyness, because you are afraid of being rejected. Some people will not like you no matter how nice you are, and it does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. That is just the way it is. More than anything else, you need to have confidence in yourself.
  • Saturn Sextile Pluto   This signifies that you are able to grow and experience change in your life in an orderly way, without the periods of total chaos and disruption that some people go through when circumstances demand change. It also means that you can endure hard times and emerge in good shape. You are able to discipline yourself to make do with whatever resources are available. In good times you may be as inclined to overspend as anyone, but in hard times you are very careful. You will always appreciate how much effort it takes to make your life work well, and you will do it.

    **Explains victory over the Axis Powers on the Eastern Front

  • Neptune in the Sixth House  6th hs […] this placement means that you need to help and be of service to others. At best, this comes from genuine love and sympathy for others. Give yourself credit for your strengths and your individuality. Do not always give in to other people. A strong person who believes in himself can do much more for others than someone who acts like a doormat.
    **Neptune = unconscious fears and psychology, 6th house = work and vocation. Explains psychological breakdown due to external enemies (mars opposition pluto) just before the battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad.
  • Uranus Trine Neptune   This aspect signifies a generation that was willing to experiment with consciousness, in ways that other generations have found rather frightening, but the result has been a rebirth of concern with spiritual matters and human consciousness. This generation challenged the materialistic premises of the older culture and did more to generate the new age of consciousness than any other group. However, there has been a problem in putting these realizations to work at a practical level.
    **Explains the desire to overthrow Tsardom and serfdom in the Russian Empire. This was a generational effect and was not limited to Stalin, but to all people during this era, which resulted in the Holomodor and other disasters, yet other factors overrode this shortcoming to help Stalin succeed in building Socialism in one Country.
  • Pluto in the Sixth House  6th hsYou approach work with great intensity, and you prefer tasks that involve you completely. You like to shut out everything else and simply be involved in what you are doing. Also you prefer to work by yourself, and you do not care to have people interfering with the way you do things. You should be careful of your health, for otherwise you will have a number of serious health crises in your life. Pluto in this position can be a sign that you might work in some area involving investigation, research, psychology or secret projects.

    **Pluto = transformation, hidden things, death. 6th house = health. Mars conjunct ascendant (1st and 12th house/ head and hidden troubles). Explains the stroke which killed him.

  • Pluto in the Seventh House  7th hs Encounters with others will play a significant role in your life. You will attract people who seem very strong willed and powerful, who may try to change your life. Learn to judge yourself independently of what others say. Of course, this placement can be a sign that you try to change everyone you meet. In that case you would have to learn to leave others alone. You will always look for relationships that are very intense emotionally, and you may get involved in power struggles about which of you is going to control the other.

    **Explains Stalin’s long struggle with Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition (combined with Pluto in 6th house interpretation).

  • Pluto in Taurus  

    Those born with Pluto in Taurus are persistent. Once they make up their mind about something, it is almost impossible to get them to change it. They have an innate talent at handling resources and manipulating their environment to suit their needs. They need material security, and once they gain possession of something it is difficult for them to let it go. They have a unique talent for making things work in their favor. Taurus Pluto has a knack for spotting opportunities to network with others that will benefit them in a material way. If they are not careful, this can become an obsessive behavior. They may never be satisfied with what they have; they may keep seeking to gain more. They need to pull back once in a while and gain some perspective. Individuals with Pluto in Taurus will continue to make slow, steady improvements in their life, often ignoring that which lurks below the surface. They like order that is focused towards prosperity. 

  • Pluto Opposition Ascendant  Your interactions with others are very intense and will cause changes in your life and the lives of those you are close to. On one hand, you may have very serious conflicts in relationships because you or the other person or both are trying to control each other’s actions. If you attract people who seem to always start fights with you, think about your own actions and make sure that you have not somehow invited it. If you are the one who tries to manipulate the relationship, you must learn to be more tolerant.
  • Uranus Square Pluto  This placement was one of the aspects behind the great depression, and it signified a time of great upheaval and change. Under this aspect, Adolf Hitler came to power, an excellent example of the turbulent social forces embodied by it. Children born under this aspect must contend with a great deal of change and unpredictability in their lives, which might lead them to feel uneasy and insecure. Also some children born under this aspect are quite disruptive themselves.
  • Uranus in Leo

    Uranus in Leo can be inconstant in love, often finding someone new before they’ve finished with the last. Courtship is usually fun and runs smoothly. They may have abrupt endings to their relationships, which may be the result of their own prejudices. They often suffer loss and sorrow with those they care about. Leo Uranus wants to be distinguished in their career and be known as an exceptional individual. They are natural leaders, though they need to learn to control their temper. They often dash off into new adventures, heedless of the danger that may exist. They are a bit arrogant, and their mind is always working on new schemes and ideas. They need to beware of letting their ego grow too much. Taking their own creativity too seriously can disrupt their plans. Seeking the spotlight may complicate things. Uranus in Leo can be full of spirited fun or be strong willed. Some need to get their own way at all costs until they learn the lesson of self-mastery and begin to serve a higher purpose. They have much vitality, passion and insight. They enjoy being unique and outspoken. They may be a bit overdramatic, but it is in their nature. Uranus in Leo has the potential to turn the world on its ear if all works out correctly. They can become prominent, showing their innate genius and using it to make a huge difference.

    **Was famous for being a playboy. Lost his first wife, Kato Svanidze, to an unknown illness, which caused him to adapt the name “Stalin”. Her death was his turning point in life and he grieved heavily over her loss. This is where one finds his famous quote, “with her died my last warm feelings for humanity”.

  • Moon in the Tenth House  10th hs Your mother will have a great influence upon your life, shaping your basic attitudes and your ideas of what values are significant and what is worth doing in life. Because you understand how other people feel and how they react, you can be successful in any career that puts you before the public. You may travel quite a bit in your profession.
  • Moon Trine Jupiter  This is one of the most pleasant of all aspects. It indicates that you are an outgoing person with a great deal of self-confidence and emotional security. You aren’t afraid of being yourself in any situation.You are usually generous and giving toward others. You want to take care of people and animals, helping those in trouble and protecting the weak. You have great respect for honor and honesty, and you may develop a fairly strong interest in religion. Your faith will not be a limited puritanical kind, but one based on kindness and the desire to help people grow and move forward in their lives.

    **Explains enrolment in seminary school and subsequent interests in Communism.

  • Moon Square Venus   You need affection very much, and you will go out of your way to get it. By being very friendly and charming, you make others like you, but if you do this too much, you will not develop a very strong character.On the other hand, part of you is really very loving, affectionate and kind. You can make the people around you feel very good. If you take the trouble to develop your inner character, people will like you for what you really are.

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