AllRiot: CITIZENFOUR Movie Review

The eye, one of Man’s most ubiquitous symbols, is the window to the soul. He who sees, knows, and he that knows, controls. Modern man has harnessed the power of sight to construct a grid of inverted Providence, and our every move in the digital nexus of this increasingly interconnected world falls under scrutiny of the elite’s ever-present stare, guided by the Unseen Hand of seemingly untouchable superintendents.

But what happens when one rebellious cog in the machine of ever-present espionage suddenly breaks free? Can it help us, the blind, to regain our sight into the full extent of our brave new world, and motivate ourselves to regain control over our privacy and freewill?

CITIZENFOUR is such a story. It takes us on the journey of self-realization in which the omniscience of political authoritarianism meets limits, and that the morality of one man, Edward Snowden, made a consequential decision that would forever alter the course of the Information Age.



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