AllRiot: A Letter to Ferguson

Another Black man has been shot dead by the police in the US; this time in St. Louis, MO. Armed with a sandwich, officers shot the suspect 16 times as he threatened to satisfy his hunger on the sidewalk of his neighborhood, which is apparently a crime punishable by death according to state legislature.

People from around America have streamed into MO for another round of protests in this latest example of absurd racial injustice. Michael Brown and now, Vonderrit D. Myers have placed MO on the map, and are merely two characters in a theatre where the curtains never close.

My deepest concern for this is the lack of context that Blacks have given themselves in the greater political ecosystem that is America. I call upon them to show reasonable understanding of their current crisis before engaging in yet another skirmish between the overly equipped and poorly misguided forces of America’s police state.

I must be honest. Black people: you are seeds sown in a barren political wasteland. Your soil is poison, your climate is harsh, and your situation will never improve until you grow roots upon fertile ground. You are not in your natural habitat.

Firstly, the people that you protest against KNOW what they’re doing…



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